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Relax, I will travel to you!

Hi! I’m Nikoletta. If you are dealing with pains and aches but you don’t like driving to appointments I have a solution for you! How does a professional massage in your own home sound to you? I travel within 25 miles of Boca Raton and quickly transform your room into a massage spa.Don’t worry about traffic, or a babysitter. Also no pet sitter is needed. Did I mention my unique style of massage that I developed? An effective deep tissue massage that feels relaxing. Yes, contrary to popular belief, massage doesn’t have to hurt to be effective. I focus to eliminate muscular pain, improve range of motion and flexibility.

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Treatment Options


Pain relief massage

Headaches, post workout soreness, injury related pain, neck and shoulder pain, low back pain… i got you! Using my knowledge of kinesiology with advanced techniques from many modalities you can achieve relief from muscle pain. I focus on relaxing tense muscle tissue down to the deeper layers. I wil deactivate painful knots, free up pinched nerves, restore postural imbalances and improve your range of motion. 

Prenatal massage 

Let’s be honest, pregnancy is the most beautiful and one of the most exhausting experience. Receiving massage therapy can reduce your back pain, joint pain. It can improve circulation, reduce swelling. Helps tremendously with stress and anxiety.

Swedish massage

According to my clients all of my massages are relaxing. But which massage therapist would not offer Swedish massage? This is the best kind of treatment for general relaxation. The flow and rhythm of the massage will transform you to a state of bliss. 

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I was born and raised in Europe. I moved to the United States in 1999. A few years later i was in a serious motorcycle accident. Many surgeries after I developed Frozen Shoulder Syndrome. I found a massage therapist who worked on me weekly. She was compassionate, she was careful to not cause more pain and in 4 months i got my range of motion back!So my passion for massage therapy was born. I graduated from the Utah College of Massage therapy in 2004 and my massage career began. I worked with doctors, chiropractors, even with dentists. Learning as much as i could about anatomy and kinesiology.I also became an educator. I have spent 10 years teaching in different Cortiva (Steiner) schools all around the country.  Now i live in Boca Raton with my husband and stepson. Enjoying the beautiful beaches and working as a mobile massage therapist.

A little about me

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Some important facts

  •  You will receive your full hands on time. No 50 minute “Spa hour” here!

  • I provide everything for your massage, including clean linens.

  • There is no extra charge for essential oils, cupping, hot towels.    


  • Tipping is not mandatory. As a licensed healthcare provider I don’t rely on tips. 

  • Your massage time is YOURS. I love a good conversation, but I will not initiate it. If you want to enjoy a quiet massage iI’m just as happy. I will follow your lead.

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